Projects of GRNSRF

These are a few of our projects. More are to come…

  • Reforestation
  • Carbon Off setting and credits
  • Research in Natural Sciences
  • Experience bridging and training
  • Data Capturing
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Conservation and Education
  • Game & Nature Reserve Management
  • Life Skills volunteer course
  • Sustainability research and projects


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A Hundred years back, wild game roamed these vast forest areas of the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma mountain ranges down to the coastal fringes. The largest buffalo in SA termed "the Giant Cape Buffalo" roamed these forests including Wild Dog, but due to human impact, their numbers dwindled into virtual extinction. Through concerted conservation practices, passion, participation, and reintroduction our goal is to restore the land and wildlife back to its original splendor.

Surviving species such as leopard, caracal, serval, honey badger, bush buck, duiker, chacma baboon and vervet monkey still habitat the forests naturally, including the last remaining free roaming elephant that reside deep in the forest and ravines. We do walk the trails in search of this truly great elusive mammal and will gather fecal samples for analysis and study its unique forest Ethology.

All projects are extremely “hands on” and needs your help for the continued success of the research facility.



This project covers every aspect of a botanist’s world, but will also appeal to anyone with an interest in conservation and nature. Participate in activities from clearing alien vegetation, compost making, seed collection and germination to planting and the re-establishing of indigenous forests. Our aim is to not only plant trees, but to create a healthy sustainable bio-diverse environment.

This is very much an outdoors and physical project with enormous moral satisfaction. All work is scientifically coordinated with GPS locations of trees planted and companion /symbiotic relationships created where possible.

This project is linked to our Climate Change programme with The Green Ticket Organisation.

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