The Research Facility is undergoing an up-grade this year 2016.

University and Gap Year students that are interested either as individuals, or in a class group, are afforded the opportunity to interact in the rich and diverse domain of Southern African Fauna and Flora, assisting in the exploration of, and the recording and capture of all interrelated data of the above sciences for the development of our Educational Facility alongside the Research Facility.  

Always looking out for the re-emergence of the Orchid “Disa Newdigateae” last seen and recorded in 1966 and prior to this drawn in 1935. This programme is seasonal between March and August.


This orchid is a very rare terrestrial that was last seen in 1935 and may be extinct. The drawing is cited as D forficaria in error, Lucy Bolus the daughter-in -law of Harry Bolus who drew the drawing above realized that her father-in-law was incorrect in his determination and described it as a new species, D newdigateae.

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